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Centrium Living

Centrium is a modern complex of high-spec apartments, in the heart of Woking, It offers residents high quality facilities including full parking, a gym, sauna and communal gardens. Best of all - its just a 2 minute walk to Woking rail station for central London (30 minutes) & beyond.

Woking Central

Centrium is in easy walking distance of downtown restaurants, bars, theatres - and, great shopping! Residents love to check out the Woking market, with access to fine local produce daily - you too can do the 'Market Walk' ! Discovering nice 'restos',  bars or just relaxing at a cosy wine bar, could soon be on your agenda!


Don't take our word for it - check out our Galleries section. You'll find photos of Centrium and surrounds, some apartment views, internals and the gym/sauna facilities.

Find out more about Centrium

If you're interested to inquire more about living at Centrium, whether as a potential owner or simply looking for a quality place to live, you can get in touch through the Contact section.

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Management Team

  • Management of Centrium
    Management of Centrium

    Centrium I and II Management Limited are the official Management company that took over the responsibility for management obligations at Centrium & The Exchange in 2015.  It has appointed a property management company as its day-to-day operational manager and is responsible to Centrium I and II Management Limited.

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Portfolio gallery latest entries

  • Woking Market on your doorstep
    Woking Market on your doorstep

    Choose from a bewildering selection of artisan foods, fruits and more - there's a market on Thursday/Saturdays.

  • Walks and Nature
    Walks and Nature

    Centrium is close to beautiful canal walks and scenic walks in Surrey Hills and its villages

  • Woking entertains !
    Woking entertains !

    Centrium is a just a 2 minute pedestrian walk to the theatres, bars and top-quality restaurants in Woking town centre. The toughest part is deciding which show to see at theatre, or what film to catch up on -, such is the sheer variety of things on offer for the discerning Centrium resident

  • Restaurants, Cafes, Bars
    Restaurants, Cafes, Bars

    There are many nice restaurants, eateries, cafes and bars to choose from - whether its an evening out for some fine dining, or an Italian cafe bar to catch up with friends. Woking has an amazing selection of places to eat and drink, all you need, is within 2 minutes walk.