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Woking has an incredible and diverse range of entertainment, eating or cultural activities on offer. You have a huge choice of things to do or visit, all within minutes walk of Centrium. See below for a brief highlight of the kinds of things on offer in and around Woking.

Choose from a bewildering selection of artisan foods, fruits and more - there's a market on Thursday/Saturdays.

Centrium is close to beautiful canal walks and scenic walks in Surrey Hills and its villages

Centrium is a just a 2 minute pedestrian walk to the theatres, bars and top-quality restaurants in Woking town centre. The toughest part is deciding which show to see at theatre, or what film to catch up on -, such is the sheer variety of things on offer for the discerning Centrium resident

There are many nice restaurants, eateries, cafes and bars to choose from - whether its an evening out for some fine dining, or an Italian cafe bar to catch up with friends. Woking has an amazing selection of places to eat and drink, all you need, is within 2 minutes walk.

Woking has everything for the budding fashionista - whether its seeking the latest in 'haute couture' , the latest designs, or looking for that unique dress or standout jacket - Woking has several of the leading brand stores, from M & S or Debenhams to Melita's Boutique or Superdry and Ms Selfridges

Woking is a hub for live music, bands and gigs. Not to mention concerts, opera and ballet. With so many acts or tours passing through, you'll be spoilt for choice every weekend !

Woking has a thriving arts and culture scene and is a magnet for arts and cultural events.


The Lightbox its most iconic venue - is one of the most exciting cultural spaces in the south east of England, with its three galleries, a museum, and Cafe.

Woking is also home to the Woking Arts Society who meet up frequently and organise vents in and around Woking

Woking provides a selection of nice wine and spirit merchants, indeed it also plays host to some artisan/boutique curated wines, like Cellar Wines - ideal for a visit to its cellars or attending one of its tasting events. Indeed it also hosts other fine vintners and victuallers alike and you'll fine the likes of Majestic Wines in Woking too, who host tasting events regularly.

Woking (and Bisley in particular) is the historic home of the Royal Horticultural Society and houses one of the largest plant collections of exotic plants and botanical species in the world. The gardens delight through every season: enjoy swathes of bulbs and blossom in spring, unforgettable mixed borders and roses in summer, autumn’s bountiful colours, and frost-sparkled walks in winter. And don't miss the stunning Glasshouse, set to transport you to far-flung shores.

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